• Tue 24th May 2016Umar Abdullah, leader of Waajihatul Islaamiyyah, also known as The Islamic Front President of the Waajihatul Islaamiyyah, also known as The Islamic Front, Umar Abdullah in a News Power now interview this morning said he was contacted by an official attached to the ministry of national security, last evening. Mr. Abdullah said he was asked whether he was aware of anything as it relates to the alleged threat. http://news.power102fm.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/OMAR-1-24-.mp3 The Islamic Front leader said the [ Read More ]


  • Tue 24th May 2016Former Minister of National Security, Captain Gary Griffith has lamented the absence of proper information being passed to the public on the latest so-called advisory being propagated in the public arena. In an interview with News Power Now this morning, Griffith maintained that advisories like the one in question are not authentic so it was concerning that it found itself in the public realm. He noted what was worse was the deafening silence from the Ministry of National Security and law enforcement officials on [ Read More ]

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  • Mon 23rd May 2016Venezuelan nationals protest outside the Prime Minister’s residence in St Ann’s in February 2015 Various groups including the Joint Trade Union Movement and members of the Muslim community will converge to lobby for various issues affecting them, when leaders and government officials of both Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago meet later this morning at the Diplomatic Centre in St. Anns. The Muslim Community will lobby for the release of five Trinidad and Tobago Nationals who have been detained Venezuela [ Read More ]

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