• Wed 27th Jul 2016Education Minister, Anthony Garcia, today announced his intention to incorporate the unique teachings of the Global Learning & Observation to Benefit the Environment) or GLOBE Prorogramme, into the nation’s schools’ syllabus. He had been the keynote speaker at the the GLOBE Trinidad & Tobago 20thAnniversary Ceremony, held at PLIPDECO House at the Point Lisas Industrial Estate. Minister Garcia even made reference to the laptop initiative, in the context of information shared with him by the programme [ Read More ]


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  • Thu 28th Jul 2016The union representing them claims that employees are upset over the non-payment of back pay. Postal Workers Union explains that the Minister of Finance promised that payments would be made in a series of installments before July 30th. However, PWU adds that was informed in a recent meeting with management that the workers would not be paid by the deadline date. Union President, David Forbes in an interview with News Power Now revealed that in a show of dissatisfaction workers have decided to take action in a bid [ Read More ]

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