• Fri 2nd Dec 2016Members of the religious community are being urged to do their part and help break down barriers in reaching persons living with and affected by HIV and AIDS. The words of support come from registered nurse Merle Ali who is attached with the non-governmental group Rescue Mission and is the Programme Coordinator. Formed in 1986 the organization focuses on substance and alcohol abusers. Speaking with News Power Now on the occasion of World AIDS Day Thursday, Ms Ali encouraged the religious community to do what they [ Read More ]


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  • Tue 29th Nov 2016The People’s National Movement is today declaring victory for the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation tie with the United National Congress. Speaking with members of the media this morning at Balisier House on Tranquillity Street, Port of Spain, Minister of Energy and Energy Affairs, Franklin Khan said in light of the 4-4 tie with PNM and UNC, provisions to select a Chairman can only be settled until a new council is sworn in. Minister Khan said the selection process for choosing a new Chairman was done away with [ Read More ]

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