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  • Thu 23rd Apr 2015Oilfield Workers Trade Union President General, Ancel Roget Oilfield Workers Trade Union President General, Ancel Roget and the union’s First Vice-President Carlton Gibson have been granted their leave of absence to conduct union business. The agreement to facilitate this has come after the second round of talks between the Labour Minister, Errol Mc Leod and both OWTU and Petrotrin officials, yesterday. In a media statement, Petrotrin’s Communications representative Joy Antoine noted that a proposal [ Read More ]
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  • Thu 23rd Apr 2015acting CoP, Stephen Williams The acting commissioner of police, Mr. Stephen Williams denies stopping the recruitment of special reserve police officers. Mr. Williams says he was just following due process to ensure proper background checks were done before the SRP’s were recruited into the service. He says at no time did he stop recruiting SRP’s http://news.power102fm.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/STEPHEN-ON-RECRUITS.mp3 Speaking on the power breakfast show on power 102.1fm this morning Mr. Williams [ Read More ]

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  • Thu 23rd Apr 2015Ravi B Maharaj Hunger striker Ravi B Maharaj, is back at it for a second time, this time he is protesting against, Opposition Leader, Dr. Keith Rowley and a number of issues that have been highlighted. Ravi’s first hunger strike was in October last year and lasted for four days, against Environmentalist, Dr. Wayne Kublalsingh. Today Ravi spoke to News Power Now to give some insight into his latest protest action at the Parliament Building, Tower D, International Waterfront building. http://news.power102fm.com [ Read More ]

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