• Fri 2nd Oct 2015The Water and Sewage Authority reveals that it has intensified in leak repair efforts and taken other measures to conserve the commodity. WASA explains that the country continues to face a water shortage. It contributes the situation to a lack of rainfall and has admitted that water production at its treatment facilities has been negatively affected. In a News Power Now interview this afternoon , WASA’s Senior Manager Corporate Communication, Daniel Plenty, said emphasis has been stepped up to address [ Read More ]
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  • Thu 1st Oct 2015The body of a woman of East Indian descent in her late 40’s was found floating in the Ste. Madeleine reservoir. A team of officers, Superintendent Zamsheed Mohammed, Inspector Sean Dilpaul, Inspector Don Gajadar and Sergeant Prescod responded to an emergency call around 6am this morning after the woman’s body was seen floating close to the shore the body was later fished out. There were no visible marks of violence. The deceased was described as having short black hair, dark brown in complexion, slim and was [ Read More ]

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  • Fri 25th Sep 2015Opposition Senator, Wade Mark Opposition Senator, Wade Mark has stated that it is his hope that the new speaker of the house Bridgid Annisette George will continue with the new initiatives that were started by the previous administration. He made the comment in an interview with News Power Now following the opening of Parliament on Wednesday. http://news.power102fm.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/MARK-ON-NEW-SPEAKER-1-25.mp3 Mr. Mark also spoke of other initiatives that he wanted to see instituted by the new House [ Read More ]

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