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  • Tue 3rd Mar 2015Commuters across the country will likely experience traffic delays during their commute with the Public Transport Service Commission this afternoon, this as negotiations between the Transport and Industrial Workers Union and PTSC’s management failed to bring a much hoped for finalization in ongoing wage issues. PTSC General Manager, Ronald Forde, speaking with News Power Now this afternoon admitted that the normal transport service was already experiencing a slow down as a result today’s irresolution. CLICK TO [ Read More ]
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  • Tue 3rd Mar 2015A 17 year old man was arrested at 19th Street, Beetham Gardens yesterday, this after police found him in possession of a 9mm Smith and Wesson Pistol with one magazine and 11 rounds of 9mm ammunition. According to police reports, officers were on mobile patrol in the Laventille and Beetham areas around 2:40pm yesterday when upon reaching the Beetham Gardens location, the young man began running as the officers approached. The officers gave chase and the man was captured. Following the discovery of the weapon and [ Read More ]

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  • Tue 3rd Mar 2015CAISO Executive Director, Colin Robinson The Coalition Advocating for Inclusion of Sexual Orientation (CAISO) believes that the Adoption of Children’s Bill 2014 is a work in progress but it should eventually seek to allow same sex partners to adopt children in T&T. Referring to the recent comments made by Local Government Minister Marlene Coudray in last Tuesday’s Senate debate in which she said Trinidad and Tobago is not “that advanced” for the Government to contemplate the issue of [ Read More ]

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