• Tue 24th Nov 2015Oropouche East Member of the Parliament, Dr. Roodal Moonilal There are claims that the election court case challenge of the United National Congress could be undermined following comments made by one person vying for the leadership of the political party. UNC is legally challenging the decision of the Election and Boundaries to extend voting by one hour in the September 7th general election. The concern was highlighted by Oropouche East Member of the Parliament, Dr Roodal Moonilal who is also contesting the UNC [ Read More ]
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  • Tue 24th Nov 2015In light of several global terrorists’ attacks, Trinidad and Tobago has kicked into gear to boost awareness, safety and a number of talks to alert and protect the lives of innocent citizens. Earlier reports highlighted a number of nationals leaving the country to pick up arms in Syria and other Islamic states to fight side by side with the Islamic State and militant group ISIS, some of who have already died while in the line of fire. Efforts to find a main reason as to why our young men would want to live such a [ Read More ]

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