• The multi-sectoral team that has been set up by the Government to manage the country’s response to the Ebola threat met yesterday at the National Operations Center (NOC). The meeting was set up so that the tea could address the public. The Ebola Team is chaired by Vice Chief of Defense Staff Brigadier Anthony Phillip Spencer. He spoke about three strategies to ensure that the country is free from the Ebola disease. He revealed that the purpose of the task force was to prevent, educate and respond to any case of [ Read More ]
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  • Three policemen have been granted $.3 million bail on allegations of armed robbery, kidnapping, assault and drug possession. PC Ainsley Gay of the Southern Division Task Force and 25- year- old Special Reserve Policemen Avinash Hajarie, along with 27 year old Jeremy Tenia of the Princes Town Praedial Larceny Squad appeared in the San Fernando Magistrates First Court on Monday. Gay was charged with armed robbery while the SRPs were jointly charged with two counts of misbehaviour in public office stemming from [ Read More ]

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  • Tertiary Education Minister, Fazal Karim News Power Now is told that progress is being made by the committee set up to review the Government Assistance Tuition Expenses Programme or GATE. Students can obtain financial assistance for tertiary-level education through GATE. The initiative funds cover 100 percent of tuition expenses for undergraduate students and up to 50 percent of tuition expenses, to a maximum of TT$10,000, for postgraduate students. Minister of Tertiary Education and Skills Training, Fazal [ Read More ]

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