NEWS GRAPHIC 8The police officer who allegedly fired shots at Caura River on Saturday has been released from Police custody.

The officer with over 15 years’ service was arrested after he allegedly took out a personal firearm and began firing shots into the air.

Bathers at the venue scampered for safety as the shots were heard and notified the police.

The officer was arrested and taken to the Arima Police Station, where he was detained over the weekend.

Senior Police officials say that the officer has been released pending further inquiries and instructions from the Director of Public Prosecution, Roger Gaspard.


RAZAH AHMEDMinister of State in the Ministry of Gender, Youth and Child Development Raziah Ahmed yesterday condemned the posting of a video on Facebook, showing a woman beating her daughter with a belt for approximately just over six minutes, after the 12-year-old girl posted “indecent” pictures of herself on the site.

In the video, which was posted on the weekend, the mother was heard instructing another female in the house to post the video online.

The Minister stated that further embarrassment of the child after the child stepped out of line is wrong, because children experiment with behavior.

However one does not embarrass a child when they have done things that you would not expect.

Children are exposed to so much. They are fragile. They are bombarded with so much information, which gives them so much choice.

Ahmed said instead, the mother should have engaged in reasoning.

She said the parenting role has shifted from strict disciplinarian to a more embracing technique.

She added that the situation called for a certain level of understanding and that parents were supposed to be more morally responsible.


ANAND RAMLOGAN 1Attorney General Anand Ramlogan and Police Complaints Authority (PCA) director Gillian Lucky continued at odds yesterday hours after Lucky told a Parliament Joint Select Committee (JSC) that a PCA report on the alleged existence of a new Flying Squad, was not confidential.

On April 8, Opposition Senator Faris Al-Rawi in his contribution to the Finance Bill in the Senate indicated that he was in possession of both the Police Service (TTPS) and PCA reports pertaining to the new Flying Squad and referenced the TTPS report.

He later claimed the reports were left in his mailbox by an anonymous donor.

This triggered condemnation from Government officials with Ramlogan saying the leak of the confidential report to the Opposition was tantamount to treason while National Security Minister Gary Griffith said such a leak was a threat to national security.

However during yesterday’s sitting of the JSC at the Parliament Building, International Waterfront Centre in Port-of-Spain, Ms. Lucky made it clear before JSC members  including Al-Rawi that the leaked report was not a confidential one and there was no risk to national security, despite a PCA press release issued on April 13, which stated otherwise.

According to the PCA Director, based on the document’s contents, what was already in the public domain and what the report spoke to, was not categorized as a confidential document and could have been put in the public domain.

However in a release issued two hours after the JSC meeting ended, Ramlogan expressed “shock and confusion” at Lucky’s statements given that PCA legislation calls for that organisation to be a confidential one.


Ministry of EducationThe Ministry of Education (M.o.E) has said over 90 Government and Government Assisted Schools were repaired during the 2014 Easter Vacation Repair Programme.

According to a release the repairs affect a number of areas including sewerage, electrical works, sanitation and external maintenance work. It added repairs are 98 to 100 percent complete at majority of these schools.


NEWS GRAPHIC 6At least seven schools did not open their doors at the start of the school term yesterday.

Lack of security guards and inadequate school repairs and maintenance were cited as the reason for the closures.

Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers’ Association (TTUTA) first vice president Antonia De Freitas says teachers reported for duty on the first day of school. But due to the inadequate security at some of the secondary schools, they removed themselves from the compound in accordance with the OSH Act.

Some of the schools affected include: Aranjuez North Secondary, Moruga AC, and the Mayaro Government Primary where parents kept their children home following the alleged sexual assault of eight girls at the school.

Standard five pupils of the school will be accommodated at a community center in the area.

Parents of students attending the Princes Town West Secondary School say the Minister of Education is playing with their children’s future.

President of the Parent Teachers Association, Carol Lutchman says student and teachers turned up for classes but his institution remained closed


The Parent Teacher Association of the St Barbara’s Spiritual Shouter Baptist Primary School is calling for the principal to be dismissed.

Parents prevented the teacher from entering the building at yesterday’s start of the term.

Archbishop, Barbra Burke, says the principal is deflecting  blame for issues at the schools.

In response to the incident the Ministry of Education says it is aware of a situation that developed between the Spiritual Shouter Baptist (SSB) Council of Elders and the Principal.

It adds the matter currently before the Teaching Service Commission for their consideration.


crime arrestedA 14-year-old girl was among five persons detained by police, following a high speed chase in Princes Town on Monday.

Police were reportedly responding to a report that a man had been seen holding a gun in the back seat of a black Nissan B-12 motor vehicle around 1 o’clock on Monday afternoon and upon intercepting the vehicle at New Grant Junction, four men of Cocoyea and La Romain, along with the teenage girl who resides in Port of Spain, were arrested.

Officers of various divisions, including Highway Patrol, reportedly pursued the suspects along the Naparima/Mayaro Road in a high speed chase, before they were stopped. The officers seized a fully loaded pistol and several rounds of ammunition.

The car was impounded at the Princes Town police station and a search has been ordered to determine whether the vehicle was stolen.

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