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  • Mon 29th Jun 2015Coalition Advocating for the Inclusion of Sexual Orientation, CAISO, Colin Robinson President of the Coalition Advocating for the Inclusion of Sexual Orientation, CAISO, Colin Robinson says citizens across the board battle with discrimination, however he said it is even harder for people who choose to be in same sex relationships. He spoke on the Power Breakfast show this morning on Power 102.1FM.   Robinson called for this country’s politicians can take a page out of the United States of America’s [ Read More ]
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  • Mon 29th Jun 2015Criminologist Dennis Brown says the suggestion that gang warfare is migrating from Port of Spain and environs to other parts of the country is completely false.   He says gang activity emanates from a state of mental existence.   He says Port of Spain and environs should not be seen as responsible for gang activity in south, central or other parts of the country.   http://news.power102fm.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/BROWN-ON-GANG-TWO.mp3   Mr. Brown says young men now adays are volatile and [ Read More ]

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  • Mon 29th Jun 2015Chaguanas West MP, Jack Warner A daily newspaper report which states that official documentation requesting the extradition of Jack Warner to the United States has been delivered to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , is this afternoon being shut down by the US Embassy here in Trinidad and Tobago. In a statement, the US embassy notes that the U.S. Department of Justice has not yet sent any final requests on the Jack Warner extradition request to the Trinidad and Tobago authorities and is still within the 60 day [ Read More ]

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