NEWS GRAPHIC 3The Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs has said it received reports of illegal quarrying activity in the vicinity of the San Fernando Hill.

The Ministry said upon receipt of this report a team of officers was dispatched to investigate the claims.

It said preliminary findings indicate the excavation on the site is connected to development work related to the construction of a commercial property.

Meanwhile, the San Fernando City Corporation (SFCC) has ordered that excavation work be halted until and an investigation into whether proper procedures are being followed is completed.

San Fernando Mayor Kazim Hosein said the City Police visited the site and found evidence that illegal quarrying was taking place in an area cordoned off by galvanized roofing sheets.

The mayor said preliminary investigations found that permission was granted over four years ago by the then Ministry of Planning, Housing and the Environment, for the construction of a three-storey structure that included a basement, 15 feet deep.

He added the San Fernando City Corporation is in the process of notifying Town and Country Planning, the Environmental Management Authority (EMA), Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM) and other relevant State agencies.


anthonycarmonaPresident, Anthony Carmona, is calling on citizens to do their part to bring about greater respect for life and to foster reconciliation and lasting forgiveness in our communities.

The President’s appeal forms part of his Easter greetings to the country.

President Carmona says the message of Easter creates the perfect atmosphere for us to leave our flawed ways behind and demonstrate the true meaning of Christian love.

He says Easter tells us of the virtue of temperance in the face of decadence and chronicles the passage and celebration of the exemplary life of Jesus Christ who demonstrated the power of forgiveness and salvation in the face of undeserved humiliation and atrocity.

NEWS GRAPHIC 8Christians in Trinidad and Tobago join their counterparts around the world to commemorate the death of Jesus Christ.

According to Christian doctrine Jesus was crucified on the cross, so that followers of the religion will everlasting life.

Good Friday marks the end of the ‘Holy Week’ which culminates in joyful celebration on Easter Sunday.

During the period of Lent Christians fast and give up luxuries as a form of penance; in T&T Christians usually refrain from eating poultry, lamb,beef and goat meat in favor of seafood.

Many believers on the islands will break their fast with a meal of ground provisions and salted fish.

The period of Lent last approximately forty days and nights in remembrance of the time Jesus spent in the wilderness.

Around this time the Jewish community also celebrates the Passover feast in memory of their liberation from slavery in Egypt.

Opposition Leader, Dr. Keith Rowley

Opposition Leader, Dr. Keith Rowley

Opposition leader, Dr. Keith Rowley is also sending Easter greeting to the country.

Dr. Rowley says there are many lessons that that can be drawn from the story of Easter, but this year he choose to focus on Jesus as a remarkable and selfless leader.

He says the son of God was born a leader and even to this day, remains the single most influential person of all time.

Dr. Rowley adds there is talk of a leadership crisis in Trinidad and Tobago therefore leaders should take pattern from The Lord Jesus Christ and embrace service as its own reward.

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Barrington "Skippy" Thomas

Barrington “Skippy” Thomas

A group of individuals said to be supporters of the United National Congress stormed a meeting held by former adviser to fired minister of the People and Social Development last night.

At the meeting held at the Himalaya club in Barataria, Barrington ‘Skippy’ Thomas, was jeered by the group who chanted ‘Go, Skippy, Go’.

The police were called in to decrease the tense situation before it escalated.

Mr. Thomas said he was not fazed by the deed and added the group was acting on Prime Minister, Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s instructions.


Following the meeting Mr. Thomas called on the PM to call the UNC internal elections now.

Number of Politian’s were present at the meeting including Movement for Social Justice Leader, David Abdullah, Former Attorney General, Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj and Interim Political leader of the Independent Liberal Party, Jack Warner.

Mr. Abdullah condemned the action of the group.

Mr. Maharaj blamed Mr. Warner for what is happening in the country and the Chaguanas West Member of Parliament apologized.



NEWS GRAPHIC 7The family and friends of Naim Dean gathered at the St Peter’s RC Church in Carenage to pay their final respects.

Dean was allegedly shot in the back by a police officer after he ran off while being searched. His family alleged Dean was assaulted by the officer and he only ran to escape the beating.

But, the police said Dean fired the first blow as he slapped the officers hand when he attempted to search the area near is groin. The officers claim a struggle took place and Dean stabbed the officer in his hand.

The presence of the police enraged Dean’s friends causing some members to curse the officers.

Dean was remembered as a football lover.