• 5 year old perishes in fire Sun 21st Sep 2014
    A five year old girl is now dead following a fire at her home in Arouca. Reports indicate that Kimberly Williams was left with her 14-year-old brother yesterday morning by their grandmother Dian Pantin. The grandmother left the house shortly after 6 o’ clock to drop clothes and food for the children’s mother, Annette Pantin, who is warded at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex. Police reports said at about 7.15am residents of the area observed smoke coming from the building. The Fire Services were [ Read More ]
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  • Teen detained for murder Sun 21st Sep 2014
    A teenager has been detained by police after he allegedly stabbed a male relative to death.   Reports indicate that shortly after midnight yesterday, residents of Reid Lane, D’Abadie, heard a loud argument from the home of 46 year old Derek Small.   Residents said when they investigated they saw Small and his 19 year old male relative fighting.   During the altercation the young man stabbed Small several times with a knife.   The injured man stumbled out of his yard and collapsed on the [ Read More ]

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  • Blame game for CSO issues Fri 19th Sep 2014
    Speaking during the budget debate in the Parliament yesterday, accusations flew from the government benches to the opposition’s, this during talk of statistics and the Central Statistical Office by Minister of Planning and Sustainable Development, Dr. Bhoe Tewarie. Minister Tewarie repeated previous sentiments that there are problems faced at the organisation. His comment came on the heels of the International Monetary Fund’s admission that it is concerned about deficiencies at the office. CLICK TO [ Read More ]

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