• Tue 25th Oct 2016

    Don’t surrender to criminals, this is the message being sent to citizens and the enforcement agencies involved in the fight against crime from temporary Independent Senator, Pastor Clive Dottin.

    Speaking in the Senate this week the religious leader explained that in spite of the negatives in society there are many positive developments.

    Pastor Dottin added that there is need for the population to stay focus, unite and work together despite the challenges that prevail.


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  • Tue 25th Oct 2016There is a proposal for social programmes such as the Unemployment Relief Programme and CEPEP to adopt an agriculture aspect to their operations. The idea was put forward by Independent Senator, Stephen Creese. He was speaking during this week’s Budget Debate in the Senate. CLICK TO LISTEN Mr. Creese noted that with food security a concern as well as the mounting food import bill this concept should be seriously considered. CLICK TO LISTEN Government has significantly reduced funding allocated for URP and [ Read More ]

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