meat 1 'A farmer’s Good Friday visit to his Barrackpore land was greeted by foul stench and the discovery of a large quantity of various meat early this morning.

Ramanand Deobarran reported the incident to police.

However, he claimed the officers said they could do nothing about it.

He then reported the matter to the Chairman of the Princess Town Regional Corporation who promised to investigate.

Mr Deobarran said he had to hired a backhoe at a cost of seven thousand dollars.

rupert griffithMinister of Science and Technology, Dr Rupert Griffith, is hospitalized.

News Power Now has been reliable informed that Minister Griffith is at a private nursing home in San Fernando.

Reports state that he went to have a medical procedure done on his knee.

However, during routine test several other serious medical complications were discovered.

The Life Guard Section of the National Union of Government and Federated Workers reveals progress is being made with Tourism Ministry officials on matters of concern affecting them.

lifeguardslifeguardstrinidad lifeguardLife Guard Branch Secretary, Curtis Hernandez, in a News Power Now interview this afternoon describes talks with Ministry officials on Thursday as productive.

However, when questioned on areas discussed and issues agreed upon Mr Hernandez explained that discussions will continue next week Thursday and should be in better position at that time to give details on the outcome of the meeting.

Mr Hernandez said now that discussions have started with Ministry officials life guards are confident challenges to properly carry out their duties will be addressed.


MSJThe Movement for Social Justice is calling for national dialogue on the issue of crime.

M.S.J. Public Relations Officer, Gregory Fernandez, in a News Power Now interview this afternoon said the party supports police officers who carry out their duties in a professional way.


However, Mr. Fernandez insisted that when acts of indiscipline or misconduct by police officers are found they should be thoroughly investigated and the necessary actions taken.


San Fernando General Hospital

San Fernando General Hospital

San Fernando General Hospital gets a boost in the number of beds.

The addition of forty-one bed at the hospital by government is being welcomed by Medical Chief of Staff , Dr Anand Chattergoon.

He said the institution is experiencing challenges with overcrowding and the extra bed will go a long in addressing the situation.

Dr. Chattergoon said for the first time in over a decade patients don’t have to wait on benches, chairs, in tents or in accident and emergency, without beds, meals, wash rooms and facilities ensuring proper health care.

NEWS GRAPHIC 3The Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs has said it received reports of illegal quarrying activity in the vicinity of the San Fernando Hill.

The Ministry said upon receipt of this report a team of officers was dispatched to investigate the claims.

It said preliminary findings indicate the excavation on the site is connected to development work related to the construction of a commercial property.

Meanwhile, the San Fernando City Corporation (SFCC) has ordered that excavation work be halted until and an investigation into whether proper procedures are being followed is completed.

San Fernando Mayor Kazim Hosein said the City Police visited the site and found evidence that illegal quarrying was taking place in an area cordoned off by galvanized roofing sheets.

The mayor said preliminary investigations found that permission was granted over four years ago by the then Ministry of Planning, Housing and the Environment, for the construction of a three-storey structure that included a basement, 15 feet deep.

He added the San Fernando City Corporation is in the process of notifying Town and Country Planning, the Environmental Management Authority (EMA), Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM) and other relevant State agencies.