• British High Commissioner Arthur Snell British High Commissioner, his Excellency Arthur Snell has said that the United Kingdom has been in talks with the Trinidad government about the Visa Waiver agreement between the two nations. He was responding to claims by Senator Faris al Rawi that the United Kingdom is about to impose a visa restriction on Trinidad and Tobago citizens entering that jurisdiction. However, his Excellency said that there was no such thing as a permanent Visa Waiver for any country. CLICK TO [ Read More ]


  • San Fernando General Hospital Scores of employees at the San Fernando General Hospital demonstrated outside the Hospital this morning, arguing that they are employed as ward maids and their duties do not include cleaning offices and the mortuary. The employees claim that they do not have proper gear to clean the mortuary and it this is not in their job description, within their contracts. CEO Anil Gosine has noted that there will be a meeting on Wednesday and the matter will be further discussed. He said in the [ Read More ]

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  • Finance Minister, Larry Howai The parliament is told by Finance Minister, Larry Howai, that the government is no longer interested in following through on its plan to set up a company called Atrius, which would have utilized assets from failed insurance giant CLICO. Minister Howai was asked to give an update on the status of Atrius by Opposition Senator, Dr. Lester Henry in the Senate on Tuesday afternoon. CLICK TO LISTEN Dr. Henry also asked for answers on who made the decision to discontinue the original plan, a [ Read More ]

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