A Former National Security Minister condemns the current administration for silence on alleged threat

Former Minister of National Security, Captain Gary Griffith has lamented the absence of proper information being passed to the public on the latest so-called advisory being propagated in the public arena.

In an interview with News Power Now this morning, Griffith maintained that advisories like the one in question are not authentic so it was concerning that it found itself in the public realm.
He noted what was worse was the deafening silence from the Ministry of National Security and law enforcement officials on this serious issue.

He also sought to advise members of the public not to be swayed or fearful of an advisory that was unsubstantiated by any anonymous person.

He however reminded members of the public to be careful since we live in dangerous times.

He also disclosed that apart from being a radical terrorist group Isis is also a well-structured establishment.

The former Security Minister said that there has never been a breach in their operational plans prior to a terrorist attack.

Griffith stated that there was no reason to believe that there would be a leak now to change their operational capability.

Former Minister of National Security Captain Gary Griffith.


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