A former transport Minister questions Government’s resistance to Uber

A former transport Minister questions Government’s resistance to Uber

uber use_1Even as the Ministry of Transport is saying that any operation by the UBER taxi service in this

country, is illegal, a former Transport Minister is questioning the resistance being put up against a

service he says could be better for the entire country.

Jack Warner says he still feels even the PH taxi service in Trinidad and Tobago should be

regularized. It was a proposal he had made while in office under the People’s Partnership regime.

Today, Mr. Warner said once the taxi drivers are properly screened, he thinks UBER could bring great


But one taxi driver’s association is today lashing out at the Ministry of Transport, saying that it

has written time and time again to the Minister requesting open dialogue on challenges facing taxi

drivers between Princes Town and Barrackpore.

Speaking with News Power Now today, Chandara Rampersad said this illegal service must not be allowed

to operate in Trinidad and Tobago.

Transport Minister, Rohan Sinanan is expected to meet with officials of the company today to discuss

the way forward. UBER has operations in North America, China, Europe, Africa, South East Asia,

Australia, New Zealand.