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AG Garvin Nicholas says he is not entitled to inform ILP Leader Jack Warner of anything concerning his extradition

Attorney General Garvin Nicholas

Attorney General Garvin Nicholas

Attorney General Garvin Nicholas has responded to comments from Independent Liberal Party Leader Jack Warner that he was not informed that a formal request was finally made for his extradition to the US. This after Warner had lamented that he found out about that his extradition papers from the US were here via the media.
Nicholas stated that he was not entitled to inform the Independent Liberal Party leader of anything concerning his extradition by the US. Nicholas went on to say he would not be baited by Warner’s antics and had no obligation to tell him anything regarding his pending extradition matter.

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday July 22, 2015, Attorney General Garvin Nicholas announced that extradition request had arrived from the US Department of Justice. He said he decided to inform the media given the public’s interest in the matter.

At a cottage meeting on Thursday July 23, 2015 Jack Warner stated that Nicholas owed him approximately $100,000 and he should have at least have informed him that the extradition papers had arrived. Nicholas refuted this however, saying Warner first gave him $15,000 for his 2002 election 13 years ago, and now the figure has increased to $115,000.

Nicholas said it was no doubt an attempt to prompt a reaction from him but he said he refused to be baited by Warner.