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Army personnel sent to quell protest staged by La Brea residents

Army personnel sent to quell protest staged by La Brea residents

Residents of La Bidco, La Brea, in South Trinidad staged an early morning protest around 6am for better roads, which they say makes it impassable for cars.

Police officers were later called in to quell the protest as some of the residents were blocking the road with debris and lighting them on fire.

News Power Now spoke to several residents who were at the scene of the protest.

One resident said the condition of the roads has been in a deplorable state during the People’s Partnership tenure and now it’s even worst.

Voice of a La Brea resident

PROTESTAnother resident said the Member of Parliament for the area, Minister of Energy and Energy Affairs, Nicole
Olivierre, visited the area along with Minster of Works and Transport, Fitzgerald Hinds and was told work would be done to repair the road.

Residents say to this day nothing has been done.

Voice of another La Brea resident

Helicopters were seen surrounding the area, as well as flares and tear gas was allegedly thrown at the crowd.

A contingent of army personnel are currently at the scene of the protest as well as a backhoe to remove the debris.


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    Hans-Elmar 3 years

    Yes, it is a great idea indeed to employ the regiment building a new road in La Brea. This is a task for a qualified engeneer because no company was ever able to build a good road in La Brea. I never expected Kamla to fix the road. She is a lawyer and is perfect in old talk but the road repair is a challenge for an engeneer. I wonder how many engeneer the regiment has to accomplish this task.At least people should not ask the Prime minister any more to fix the road because Keith knows how to fix women in Diego Martin and in Mason Hall but roadwork is not his speciality.

    • comment-avatar
      Davis 3 years

      And what will it take to fix such warp thinking? Is it possible to express an opinion without exposing the simplicity of mind?