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Arrive Alive tells Government bring the relevant laws now.

Arrive Alive tells Government bring the relevant laws now.

The group Arrive Alive is once again calling on the government to bring legislation which would see law breaking motorists be ticketed via cameras, as well as lose their licenses through a point system.


Speaking with news power now this morning, president of arrive alive Sharon Inglefield said more needs to be done to prevent the loss of life on the nation’s roads.

She said stricter laws must be enacted.


Miss Inglefield explained how the point system would work.


The Arrive Alive head is also of the view that the number of speed guns being used by the police needs to be tripled.

Only yesterday, two teenagers were killed in a road accident in Tobago.







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    The mighty Trinifeak 2 years

    Miss Inglefield is more than right with her statement. However, the question is whether the society as a whole wants better laws and law enforcement.At least 30 years ago I discussed this matter with the cousin of my wife who is strictly against radar and servaillance cameras.He said this is our freedom and we are not bound to copy them white people in USA and Europe. We agreed on the matter that T&T as a third world country should never have a radar system and everybody should drive as fast or as slow as he likes. However, Miss Inglefield is thinking ahead.

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    Road deaths will continue until the authorities responsible for road safety come to their senses.Telling drivers to drive safely and obey the speed limits has not worked not only in Trinidad and Tobago but also in the more advanced countries.
    Everybody knows that the use of radar guns as a speed detection device is outdated.
    Problems associated with the use of Radar guns by the police; (1)It will require at least two policemen on speed detection duties, (2)A vehicle has to be provided to get them to the spot to carry out their duties, (3)Inclement weather will have an effect on their presence on the roads.
    In the UK there are Two sets of cameras (i)Speed detection cameras that work continuously for 365 days or 366 days if its a leap year in all kind of weather; (ii)Traffic flow observation cameras (useful for recording road accidents and also to observe drivers requiring assistance to complete their journey, I was a recipient of such assistance). The case for speed detection cameras on our roads is overwhelmingly strong, Mr. Minister please wake up, after all you have lived in the UK so you should be familiar with the technology. I am in agreement with the ‘points system’ as outlined by Miss Inglefield. I think in the UK Twelve points is the maximum however I stand to be corrected. I therefore plead with the Minister to dump the radar guns and bring on speed detection cameras. This is a sure way of preventing drivers from exceeding the speed limit when they are using the roads of our Twin island Republic, the result, a drastic reduction in vehicular accidents.