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Article in the Barbados News suggests that crime is out of control in T&T

Article in the Barbados News suggests that crime is out of control in T&T

crime sceneAn unflattering description of the crime situation in Trinidad and Tobago in an editorial by one of our CARICOM neighbors has gotten the attention of the Attorney general.

Attorney General, Farris Al Rawi spoke to reporters in Skinner Park San Fernando, during kite flying / Football held by his constituency yesterday.

He revealed that our Caribbean neighbors would be looking on at what’s happening in T&T.
He disclosed that while the editorial was not a flattering one it did describe the facts.

He also divulged that his office had taken the issue of crime in T&T very seriously and to this end he said action has been taken to address the issue in a serious and urgent manner.

Attorney General, Farris Al Rawi


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    Unlike the acting police commissioner, the new attorney general seems to be serious to tackle the extremely high crime rate of T&T. Unfortunately his tool s are not the best. The police is in many cases a nuisance and the courts take too long to find a verdict. Al Rawi is aware of the fact that T&T is a leading country when it comes to crime.Besides Venezuela, Jamaica and Guyana T&T has one of the highest murder rates in the world.For example the USA have 5 murder cases per 100 000 inhabitants,most european countries and also Germany have a murder rate of 0.7 per 100 000 inhabitants. T&T has a murder rate of 30 per 100 000 inhabitants. That means every day there is more than one murder case in T&T. This crime rate is a crying shame.