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Call for stricter measures in selecting Guidance Councillors

The suicide of 14 year old Barrackpore schoolgirl Rehana Nandal should serve as a wakeup call for more stringent measures when selecting Guidance Councillors in schools.

This is according to President of the National Parent Teachers Association, Zeena Ramatali.

In an interview with Newspower Authority a short while ago, Ms. Ramatali said children should not have to confide their personal matters to strangers…

But in the event children need to, she said persons well qualified should be the ones they go to…

The 14 year old school girl is alleged to have been in a relationship with a 52 year old Safety officer from her school…

The man, who also committed suicide, is said to have comforted the child at some point….

Ms. Ramatali is also supporting a new initiative of psychometric evaluation for teachers for the upcoming school term.

She said parents trust teachers therefore this testing should be a reassurance for parents…