Calls for urgency to prosecute persons involved in corruption.

Calls for urgency to prosecute persons involved in corruption.

NEWS GRAPHIC 15A senior official of Transparency International is of the view that more focus should be placed on prosecution of persons involved in corruption.

One of the co-founders of the organization, Frank Vogel, highlighted the matter during the Facing the Issues Programme on Power 102.1fm hosted by veteran journalist, Tony Fraser.

Mr. Vogel reiterated that no one is above the law and the process of justice should run its course and persons found guilty should feel the consequences of their actions.


Commenting on the situation in the United States Mr. Vogel said the facts will show that the level of prosecution remains strong against persons involved in corruption.


Transparency International, Frank Vogel.


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    Hans-Elmar 2 years

    Mr Vogel is more than right, but nobody will listen. The countries of the caribbean are unable and unwilling to fight corruption. For many people Jack Warner is still a hero and he is not the only one.Mr Vogel comes from a different world and he lives in a different world. This means the thinking of people is also different.

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