2012-05-19-16-1a_Carolyn_Seepersad_BachanMember of Parliament for San Fernando West, Carolyn Seepersad Bachan said citizens must become involved and remain involved in the fight to reduce bullying at schools.

She made the call at the launch of the Anti-Bullying Campaign at her constituency office in San Fernando.

She said no school and no child is safe from the scourge of bullying, a phenomenon that has been with us from ancient times but which has been made much worse by the increased availability and use of social media.

The Anti-bullying Association of Trinidad and Tobago will be embarking on a crusade to restore sanity to schools, to protect children who need help, and to redirect them to pathways of progress instead of avenues of aggression and alienation.

The Ministry of Education has suggested a number of steps to deal which include the formation of a Management Team in each school, student support services and a student hotline/childline for those who may not want others to know that they are being bullied
These will be strengthened by a Mentorship Programme, a Citizen Security Programme under the Ministry of National Security and Learning Enhancement Centres staffed by counsellors and psychologists.


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    Allyson Winters 3 years

    Hello please help my cousin. She is being bullied at school. The students call her all kind of horrible names and tell her she would die. Her mom is sick. She told me tonight she hates school and life. She is suffering depression. The principal is rude to her whenever she goes to the office. The school refuses to transfer her. I live in Houston Tx and plan on going home to visit her. Please tell me what kind of help is available. She lives in Trinidad. Thank you Allyson

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