COP Condemns ILP Following Political Meeting In Macoya

Dr. Anirudh Mahabir

COP Acting Political Leader, Dr. Anirudh Mahabir

The Congress of the People has condemned the actions of the Independent Liberal Party, following a public political meeting held on Saturday at the Centre of Excellence in Macoya.

According to a media release issued, the COP sees as disrespectful and mischievous, the announcement of the presence of an unnamed COP representative at the ILP meeting. Acting Political Leader of the Congress of the People, Dr. Anirudh Mahabir says the move is yet another mischievous act by another political party, directed against the Congress of the People, explaining that the COP had received no formal invitation from the ILP to send any representative to their meeting and as such, the COP did not appoint any such representative to attend the party’s event or to speak on its behalf.

He said that if any member of the COP did attend the meeting, it would have been done so in their personal capacity.