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Criticism of police officers unfair, ACP Williams…

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Acting Commissioner of Police, Stephen Williams

Crime is at its lowest in eight years, and therefore the public’s recent criticism of police officers’ efforts in east Port-of-Spain is unfair.

This from Acting Commissioner of Police, Stephen Williams, on Wednesday, as he defended the work of the police in the east Port-of-Spain area, stating that the unwarranted criticism is having an adverse effect on officers morale.

Referring to murder statistics dating back to 2008, Williams said: “As of today, we are less than 2012 figures.

From this you are getting a direction that crime is only going one way in T&T—downwards.” 

ACP Williams said murders had spiked in 2008 with a record 547 murders, a far cry from the lower figures today.

“We need to be guided by facts. Talk is cheap,” he said.

“The facts are that we hit an all-time high in T&T with murders in 2008 at 547.

Williams  then asked,“You know what the figures in 2011 and 2012 are? Three hundred and fifty-two, and 379. Check the distinction between 547 and 352 and 379.”


He said in 2013, “from a policing perspective, using statistics, it has been a successful year.

ACP Williams noted that the crime situation could not be improved solely by the efforts of the police, but with the full support of citizens.