Education Minister says Ministry not deliberately zoning SEA students

Education Minister Dr. Tim Goopeesingh

Education Minister Dr. Tim Goopesingh

Education Minister, Dr. Tim Goopeesingh says the ministry is not deliberately zoning students but the SEA is so competitive a lot of students aren’t getting their choices. Dr. Goopeesingh says due to the competitive nature of the exam, a lot of students don’t get their first, second, third or fourth choices. He said that when this happens the students are placed in one of the seven school districts closest to their homes.


Since the publication of the SEA results last week Wednesday, parents have been complaining that there is zoning of their children and they believe favoritism is taking place. However,  Dr Goopeesingh says this is not so. He says he is inviting the parents with complaints to come in to the Ministry of Education and they will see how best it can resolve their problems


Speaking on the Morning Show on Power 102.1fm earlier today, Dr Goopeesingh said the ministry will do what it can to help with transfers but ultimately, it comes down to the principals of the schools.


Dr Goopeesingh said he has instructed the education facilities company ltd to organize extra desk and chairs to facilitate such transfers.




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    The SEA should have remained 3 subjects.Now CAC many subjects,more stress.Prestigous prim schools have all support.Principals taking the cream only,best places in sec schools.,no zoning then.For results zoning,no minister,businessman or teachers pupils going to bad school.Only in sweet T&T.Unfair!!!

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