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Efforts to weed out rogue officers from the TTPS being made.

Efforts to weed out rogue officers from the TTPS being made.

Stephen Williams_5Progress is being made in ridding the Police Service of corrupt officers. The revelation comes from Acting Police Commissioner, Stephen Williams.

The Senior Police Official made the comment while speaking on the Power Breakfast Programme on Power 102.1fm.

Mr. Williams said that the Professional Standard Bureau has been spearheading efforts in weeding out rogue officers from the service.


Commenting on another topic, Mr. Williams shared the view that improved compensation package for police officers can play a key role in helping law enforcement personnel better carry out their duties.


Acting Police Commissioner, Stephen Williams.






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    The officer Dev Ramadhin who was threatened by patrons and on Newsdays front page is one rogue cop.Retribution.

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    Hans-Elmar 3 years

    After Stephen Williams is dismissed the service will improve. Security companies should be in charge of certain regions of T&T and also vigilants groups. This could include all the black muslim groups of T&T whose fighters got combat experience in Syria. The Prime minister will hire security from Nigeria and the police can be dismissed altogether. The regiment can be employed to clean the roads of T&T and hunt all the straydogs. When the security of T&T is privatized Trinidad will rise again and Tobago will prosper.

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    Ex Cop 3 years

    Its too late to change the mindset of this corrupt service.As a young decent recruit you have to adapt and adopt the the rogue practices.If not you’ll be victimised,transferred and then booted out.Th e seniors are seasoned and eveybody afraid too talk..Like Gary Griffith he knew then and pretended he didnt see the flaws in the service.Now powerless, he on tv advising the service/security ministry.NOBODY LIKE THE DIRTYWORK.Tell or wait on someboby else to do it.