Employees at the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission’s Arima distribution station have stayed away from work for a second consecutive day today.

This as the representing Oilfield Workers Trade Union has instructed workers at the T&TEC Arima station to stay away from work in protest at action being taken by the company against workers who were found drinking on the job.

This morning Acting General Manager of T&Tec Kelvin Ramsook confirmed that no employee at the Arima Distribution Station has shown up for work over the past 2 days.

Mr. Ramsook says the workers who were disciplined were in breach of the rules of the company.

He says that, for employees at T&TEC , drinking on the job is not tolerated by the company because of how hazardous this practice is given the nature of the work that T&TEC employees do.

He maintains the company has had no choice but to take severe action against the workers and suspend at least one of them.

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