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Finance Minister Says Government Cannot Afford to Spend $700 Million On GATE.

Finance Minister Says Government Cannot Afford to Spend $700 Million On GATE.

ColmImbertThis Government cannot afford to spend $700 million on the Government Assistance Tuition Expenses Programme.

Finance Minister Colm Imbert revealed that with oil prices at 45 dollars a barrel it would be difficult to facilitate that cost.

He revealed that while government was considering some of the recommendations made by the appointed task force, a final decision hasn’t yet been made.

The Finance Minister stated that the program saw several changes since its inception, one of which was which Institutions were allowed to receive funding.

He also disclosed maintained that the program has cost the country millions.



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    Hayden 2 years

    It would be appropriate to have a representative of the Registered Institutions in T&T give their views on the GATE recommendations. It would also be appropriate to have representatives of the ACTT provide info on Registration, Programme approval, Accreditation, Transnational approval. Registration is ‘Mandatory’ by Law.

    The ACTT does not have the capacity at this time to Accredit 50 institutions in one year ( recommendation of the task force)
    Registration is a lengthy and rigorous process. There are 3 main criterias for GATE approval: Registration, Programme approval and evidence of the relevance of the programme to needs of the country.

    Instead of a broad brush approach of all Institutions having to become Accredited to access GATE, the Gov’t can consider these points

    Registered Institutions can access GATE up to diploma level for a maximum of 10-15 programmes. Associate degrees and up can then be for Accredited Institutions with access to unlimited programmes.

    Another option is to give institutions up to 3 years to become Accredited or lose GATE funding thereafter.