Five month old dies from accident injuries- Autopsy on footballer’s son reveal cause of death

Marvin Phillips and Son

National footballer Marvin Phillips and his son Maitai

A five month baby-girl lost her life yesterday mere days after she sustained severe head in a car accident.

Doctors at the San Fernando General Hospital, Intensive Care Unit reportedly pronounced Jessica Mohammed brain-dead yesterday and removed her from life support a short time after.

The accident took place on June 2 near Ramlal Trace, St Francis Village, and Erin as Jessica, her 21 year old mother Antonia Beckles-Mohammed and 31 year old father Selly Mohammed were in a car driven by family friend 27 year old Mark Ramdass when tragedy struck.

Ramdass’s car reportedly lost control and crashed into a truck.

Meanwhile, an autopsy conducted on the body of 10 month old Maitai Phillip revealed he died as a result of positional asphyxia.

The autopsy conducted by Forensic Pathologist, Dr. Valery Alexandrov and Pathologist Dr Eastlyn McDonald-Burris, found that the Maitai’s chest was compressed by the straps of a car seat, which limited his ability to breathe.

Maitai’s father national footballer Marvin Phillips maintained the cause of death was not natural.

Tobago United F.C coach, Peter Grandville,was at the Forensic Science Center, St James to lend a hand to the grieving parents.