Criminologist Daurius Figueira.

Criminologist Darrius Figurera

Top of the news this midday hour… Criminologist Darrius Figurera is today saying that The hierarchies who give orders to gangs in this country do not live here.

He made the comments while speaking on the Power Breakfast Morning Show today.

He said that transnational crime is the order of the day in Trinidad and gang activity is very serious business.

He said a large part of the issue is that the problem is fed by illicit products that are not manufactured in Trinidad and Tobago.

He revealed that the most concerted attempt made to deal with the issue of gang warfare in T&T was when Patrick Manning was Prime Minister and Mr. Martin George was Minister of National Security.

He disclosed that at that time there was a concerted attempt for institutional transformation.


One Response to Foreigners calling the shots over local gangs…this from a well known criminologist

  1. The mighty Trinifreak says:

    Some drugs are produced in Colombia and shipped across by people from Venezuela. The drug kings of T&T are local business people who also support political parties. About a third of T&T members of parliament have dealings with these business people and inform them whenever the police intends to take action.Furthermore half of the T&T police force work, as a side line for these drug lords.Criminologist Darrius Figurera is a fat boy who should know the drug lords are the employers of many people from T&T.

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