Former Minister of National Security notes that time has come to change management of security during Carnival.

Former Minister of National Security, Gary Griffith

Former Minister of National Security Captain Gary Griffith has noted that the time has come to change the way we manage security during our Carnival parade.

Griffith’s remarks come in response to the beating of People’s National Movement Councilor Jason Alexander by security personnel of the YUMA mas band on Carnival Tuesday.

Speaking on the Power Breakfast show yesterday, Griffith noted that it is unlawful for security attached to a private enterprise to remove anyone from property that is not private.


He went on to state that there must be training for security and band leaders alike, on the proper protocols for security management on the road.


He went on, noting that there are tactics which can be used to address issues of masqueraders being harassed and for crowd control, and that training in these areas must be done.


Former Minister of National Security Captain Gary Griffith.


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    Hans-Elmar 2 years

    Now is the time for Gary Griffith to implement what he is saying. He has to open his own security company and train his employees prperly. I still remember Jarvis the famous security company protecting a whole nation. Now Gary Griffith has all the potential to do better than anybody else. Furthermore this gives him a chance for promotion. Instead of calling himself Captain he could call himself General director of United National Security Company Ltd. This position sounds much better than being a part time radio station advisor.

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