Crime-MurderThe murder count for 2014 has increased by three.

In the first incident, officers from the Southern Division Task Force say they received a report of an accident at Cemetery Street, Princes Town.

When officers arrived they found 43 year old Omadath Deokienanan his house with several chop wounds about his body.

His wife Sharon Bahadur was found dead some hours later at approximately 6:20 AM this morning at the side of the road.

Officers believed she was stabbed in her back while escaping.

Sharon’s car was found a short distance away.


Officers have since begun a search for two men of East Indian Decent who are said to be suspects.

The second incident occurred in Arima.

31 year old Francis Bernard was killed outside his home.

Reports state Bernard was at his home when at approximately 10 PM several gunshots were heard coming from his house.

When relates investigated they found body in a grassy area nearby.

No motive has been given for his killing.

Investigations are continuing.

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