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General Secretary of the People’s National Movement responds to ‘racial’ comment by Sat Maharaj

General Secretary of the People’s National Movement responds to ‘racial’ comment by Sat Maharaj

Sat Maharaj

Sat Maharaj

General Secretary of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS), Sat Maharaj, made some controversial comments yesterday during an interview.

He labelled the deceased Former Prime Minister a ‘racist’.

In making his comments, Maharaj said he and several members of the public came to that conclusion based on a series of discriminatory practices Manning perpetuated against Indians in T&T while he served as PM.

Ashton Ford

Ashton Ford

In a response General Secretary of the People’s national Movement Ashton Ford said that the PNM had no intention concerning itself with the comments.

Speaking on the Power Breakfast Show on Power 102.1 fm this morning, he stated that based on historical evidence it was impossible to describe any PNM Prime Minister as racist.




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    Jerry Hussain 2 years

    I would disagree with Sat and his statements but Ford is covering up all the lies. But as a mixed race Trini I have felt the extreme prejudices of both sides of the major ethnic parties of both the PNM and UNC. My family and other families like myself have nothing to gain in our own country. My first employer, Yars after I leaked their corrupt and ways,forcing me out of the company without my 1.3 million TT in severance and my injury benefits. The person that forced my injury was the PNM Fitsroy Harewood. Nevetheless the formation of the COP in around 2005-6 is testimony to that but of course Duck and Run did just that,… for he ducked and ran all over the place since 1990. However we the mixed Trini unless we are in a successful business in T&T or unless we are affiliated in some way with strong UNC or PNM ties or can do something for the PNM mites or UNC mites we cannot pull any string for us or our highly successful children to find work in our country. Every creed and race do not find an equal place in T&T. We always have to put up with the nasty discriminating prejudice of the UNC or the PNM. And more so now until the bull moose or the syrian dead like Ram Kirpalani and every thing under them fall apart or until the money hungry foreigners leave our country alone we will get like our neighbor Venezuela for God doh sleep. Imagine when WPT set me up in 2008 and I returned home seeking my old job back under the PNM Manning who before this capped my salary (doubled his)I was told by the foreign bosses that my job was given to a Canadian from Calvary. Yes PNM mites your continued wrongs will come back to haunt you. You have raped my country from its quality human and natural resources far too long. 50 or so years ago we were happy in our country and when Eric did not feel to rule anymore and when Mr Manning began to smell power we were forced to leave our country only to find out the corrupt and prejudiced ways of our leaders from both these parties came (cut and pasted) from North America. Black lives do matter also in Trinidad as the uncle toms together with the greed from outside pushed back on their own as well as we the mixed. So Mr Ford you can talk all the crap you want but with God you can run but you cannot hide from the truth. All the platform talk of your leader to steal our vote has gone with the wind but the IMF and World Bank strategies would not save your government. Your middle man roles will eventually fail. PNM wasters, instead of going to Malta to buy a solution to our woos you created over a period of 70 years, you could have had a Malta Carib at home. As more of the young pauperized black people in T&T and the USA who you copy from hurt black lives in T&T and USA would not matter and as in USA the guns will do the talking. The hot spots will multiply.