Government stands in solidarity with Canadian Parliament

Government stands in solidarity with Canadian Parliament

Kamla Indepen 2012Prime Minister  Kamla Persad Bissessar has responded to the recent shootings in Canada.

She stated that she was deeply saddened to learn of the shootings at Parliament Hill, the National War Memorial, and a Mall in Ottawa, Canada, yesterday.

It was reported that a gunman opened fire at the National War Memorial, wounding a soldier, then moved to nearby Parliament Hill before he was shot, reportedly by Parliament’s sergeant-at-arms.

It was later confirmed that the gunman and the soldier died from their injuries.

Mrs. Persad- Bissessar shared that the Government of Trinidad and Tobago stood in solidarity with their fellow Parliamentarians in Ottawa during this difficult time.

She said that incidents such as this one reminded us of the attack on this country’s democracy 24 years ago, when insurrectionists stormed our nation’s Parliament at the Red House in an attempt to overthrow the democratically-elected Government.

She also expressed concern as the Trinidad and Tobago Embassy is based in Ottawa.

So far, no one in Canada can confirm if this was an act of terrorism against the Government and people of Canada.

Mrs. Persad- Bissessar revealed that this incident underscored the need for concerted global action against all forms of terrorism, and reinforced the importance of Trinidad and Tobago’s recent sponsorship of the United Nations Security Council Resolution on terrorism.