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Government will not give in to Criminal Elements.

Government will not give in to Criminal Elements.


Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley

Citizens are being assured by the government that the national security ministry will not give in to criminal elements that are causing havoc in some communities.

Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley, made the comment at a Housing Development Corporation key distribution ceremony in Port of Spain today.

The Prime Minister said the slaying of over forty people so far this year is unacceptable. Dr. Rowley added that the state will provide the various law enforcement agencies with the necessary tools and resources to properly carry out their duties.


The Prime Minister also gave some insight behind the decision to boost personnel at the National Security Ministry with the appointment of Dennis Moses as Minister in the Ministry of National Security and former Assistant Commissioner of Police, Toco/Sangre Grande Member of Parliament Glenda Jennings-Smith to be appointed Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry.


Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley.


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    Hans-Elmar 3 years

    When Patrick Manning was Primeminister he employed security officers from Nigeria. They did their job very well, because nobody succeeded to kill Patrick Manning. Keith should learn from Patrick Manning and invite Boko Haram to provide security in T&T. In this case he COULD SAVE A LOT OF TAXMONEY for Moses as a minister. Moses should continue writing his books of the scripture and stay away from politics. Boko Haram will be the solution for T&T and also improve the relationship with Nigeria immensly.