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HDC to provide proof of ownership for farm lands

Farmers are calling on the Housing Development Corporation to provide proof that it has ownership of farm lands which have been bulldozed over the past three days.

Thesheraz 4 farmers protested in front the HDC’s South Quay head office for a second day today.

President of the Sheep and Goat farmers Association, Sheraz Khan, reiterated the call for HDC Managing Director, Jearline John and/ or Housing Minister, Roodal Moonilal to be removed from offices.

Mr. Khan said several of the farmers had paid land taxes up until December 31st this year for use of the bulldozed lands…

In addition to an apology from the HDC the farmers are demanding monetary compensation, land tenure and the establishment of a land use policy.

Mr. Khan is adamant that the farmers do not want to be relocated from the lands which they currently occupy.

He believes it would be easier for the HDC to relocate its planned housing projects…

The farmers plan to gather again at Woodford Square at 1pm on Friday…