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Health Minister apologizes to the Chinese community following “Dog Meat” comments

Health Minister Dr. Fuad Khan

Health Minister Dr. Fuad Khan

After much uproar by comments made by the Health Minister, Dr. Fuad Khan, regarding a video showing the slaughter of a dog by Chinese Nationals; Dr. Khan has apologized for his “dog meat” comments.

In an interview with a local newspaper Dr. Khan said the country normally has stray dogs and one wonders if the Chinese restaurants, those which have sprung up all over the place, have been serving dog meat and something else.

Speaking on a televised interview the Health Minister went on to say that the amount of stray dogs in this country have disappeared and you don’t see them in a pound so they have to be going somewhere so I have been very particular.

He also said that when you mix food with MSG—vetsin, that is—it softens the meat. The taste will change as well as the actual meat consistency, and it will look like beef, pork or something.