rampant murders

Trinidad and Tobago on heightened alert

Security forces have been placed on heightened alert in light of rampant murders.

Despite this there has been no letup in murders and lawlessness presently gripping the country.

The murder rate has risen to 14 just seven days into the new year.

Former National Security Minister and ILP Leader Jack Warner in an interview with News Power Now this morning acknowledged that the high murder rate is cause for alarm.

He revealed that to effectively deal with crime, everyone needed to be involved.

Mr. Warner divulged that unless there was a collective effort to fight crime, the situation would worsen.

National Security Minister Gary Griffith has maintained that serious crime is the lowest it has been in 31 years.

He thanked the Police Service and the Defence Force for working hard to get serious crime down.

Griffith revealed that they broke the record in 2013.

According to him, last year there were 12,000 serious crimes compared to 2009’s figure of 22,000 serious crimes.

The Minister explained that serious crime referred to homicides, rapes, kidnappings and armed robbery.

However Warner disclosed that he was not impressed with those statistics.

Former National Security Minister and ILP Leader Jack Warner

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