HMP SqHelp Me Power led by our team of Gail Ann, Sir Charles and Melissa are making the connections and bringing your issues to the relevant authorities.

Currently our plan of action is to get you in touch with your Councilman or your Parliamentary representative, let you address them directly and and indicate to them needs and issues in your community or district.

But you are not limited to this …. Let us Help You with any problem where you are having difficulty getting answer to getting justice for.

We invite you to use the comments box below to report a problem that we can help with !

Please note that comments below are public and we remind you not to leave personal information in your comment.


13 Responses to Help Me Power

  1. George Cazoe says:

    I love your show and hope that it will grow into something BIG for the small man.

  2. George Cazoe says:

    FYI.RE. Village Plaza Edinburg 500 Chaguanas.

    HDC actually fixed my door which was not closing properly.It took them five months to do so. The female toilets are still malfunctioning and the fire hose is still out of order. The young men are still gambling and using drugs on the compound at night. Thanks for your program, it is a good thing you all have there .Keep it up and God bless.

  3. Coronation Street St James Residents says:

    Coronation Street St. James has not had garbage collection for 1 week now. Why? When can we get this matter addressed? Thanks!

  4. kenneth roberts says:

    Could you please ask Mr Collin Partap to have the SGRC go to Lp# 14 & 15 Kowlessur Rd. Sangre Chiquito and remedy a road flooding problem.Every time it rains the road floods and pedestrians can’t pass. And you know Gangre Grande is the bathroom of Thinidad and Tobago

  5. Concerned Parent says:

    Valencia South Government Primary School
    Conducts a fundraiser Disco at the school, children are ask to pay $6.00 and go into a room. Children dance and wine. My child came home recently and said that a little boy wanted to wine on her leg. Many parents are against it but are afraid of being victimized. Can you help. Thank you.

  6. I am in Canada near Montreal. I have logged on to your station many times and have always been dropped after a while, .Judging from the bits of your programs that I have heard so far
    I would like to be able to stay logged on and listen to more of your programs but under the conditions mentioned above it it impossible to do so
    I wonder what could be causing this, do I have to pay to listen to your station, is it off limits to foreign listeners? I most certainly would like to know what’s missing here
    Herman Modeste,
    3895 Lewis,
    St Hubert, QC

  7. Winston Edwards says:

    I am now listening to a program which is running now (7.30pm) it is about the black caucus having a curryque. Some of the callers are questioning why is it the black caucus should have a curryque instead of having something else to to identify with the black people.

    they should be enlightened as to were the ingredients that is grown. All the ingredients that is used in the manufactured in making curry powder is grown ion a small island off the coast of west Africa and supplied to India which supplies other countries. Curry therefore is firstly an African spice.

    Jamaicans use more curry that all the other Caribbean countries

    Please pass this on to the host of the program

    Winston (USA)

  8. rogerboodoo says:

    sir Charles…..what an amazing host,i try not to miss your program………..very good job sir!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hi power 102fm on d morning show, Steve, Wendell and Richard listen I will like to inform u all of yet another labour issue thus is about estate constable of Allied security Ltd protesting tody holy Thursday because of non payments of long awaited back pay can u give so air on this let the country no please

  10. Andrea says:

    Good day, good show. My everyday station. Upper Vita Street, Ferrari Street, Bagatelle Extension, off Sunshine Avenue, San Juan. No water going into three weeks now. Only Excuses from WASA; problem with a booster at the pump on corner of Bagatelle Extension and Sunshine Avenue. Nothing doing..Kindly assist to getting WASA to fix this ongoing problem. Large community area including babies and senior citizens. God bless.

    • Andrea Bowen says:

      Thanks four your assistance, The water came around 1:00 PM on 31.05.16. I pray that WASA would eventually become one of the top efficient service providing company in sweet TNT,

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