Investigations revealed that the source of the hydrocarbon contamination at the Caroni Water Treatment Plant did not continue into the river.

download (1)Investigations revealed that the source of the hydrocarbon contamination, of the Caroni Water Treatment Plant on February 24th, did not continuously release the substance into the river.The Environmental Management Authority in an update on the matter this afternoon said, the riverside vegetation and mouths of drains emptying into the river, did not display any visible evidence of contamination.

However, the EMA added that it will continue its investigations and is urging the public to come forward,with any information on suspected illegal dumping of waste which may have led to this event.

EMA said following its initial media statement on February 25th.The Emergency Response and Investigations (ERI) team continued conducting multiple water quality tests, to ascertain the level of hydrocarbon within the Plant, as well as at the water intake from the Caroni River and along the Caroni River.It added that hydrocarbon tests were also conducted at several schools in the Caroni District and the ERI advised the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA), to clean any affected water storage infrastructure and replace contaminated water with potable water.