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Jack Warner firmly objects to nepotism in public office

Jack Warner firmly objects to nepotism in public office


Former Prime Minister, Patrick Manning

Former Prime Minister and Member of Parliament for San Fernando East, Patrick Manning in response to the opposition allegedly that in the past he employed members of his family in his constituency office said he has done no such thing.

Responding to the allegations via his Facebook account, Manning said in his 44 years as a Parliamentarian he has never employed a family member or relative, whether they were paid or not paid.

He went on to say he that he always encouraged individuals at PNM Constituency offices to have good working knowledge of the needs of the grassroots citizens and every inch of the San Fernando East constituency, during his tenure.

In closing the former Prime Minister pointed to those who may be guilty of hiring family members and said such persons are unworthy of staying in Public Office.


Former Member of Parliament for Chaguanas West, Jack Warner

Meanwhile…. Former Member of Parliament for Chaguanas West, Jack Austin Warner has said he also has never employed any member of family or spouse within his constituency office and strongly agrees with Mr. Manning that person who has done such should demit office immediately.

When asked if it’s against the law or in the constitution that Parliamentarians are not allowed to employ close relatives, Warner said with the introduction of the Integrity in Public Life law persons are prohibited from doing so.

Former Member of Parliament for Chaguanas West, Jack Austin Warner


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    If employing relatives is the biggest crime in T&T this place is a paradise.Of course it is nice to know the biggest hypocrit of T&T namely Mr. Warner is not yet in prison where he belongs to. In many businesses relatives work together for the benefit of the business.I see no reason why a member of parliament should not employ his wife as a secretary in his constituency office. For example in the UK the chairman of the UKIP employs his wife as the person being in charge of his European Union parliament office. Nobody thinks that is a bad idea because she knows his business best.What Mr. Warner calls nepotism is nothing in comparision with the corruption that he is envolved with.Furtermore it is also nepotism to give the travel agency of his son the sole license to sell tickets for the soccer world championship 2006 in Germany.People like Warner who are sitting in the glass house should never cast stones.