Joycelyn Taylor laid to rest…

Joycelyn Marquis funeral service

Pall bearers carry Joycelyn Taylor’s coffin from the Santa Cruz RC Church yesterday.

62 year old mother of five Joycelyn Taylor, was laid to rest in a cemetery behind the Holy Cross RC Church in Santa Cruz on Saturday. 

The church itself was not big enough to contain the scores of mourners who went to celebrate Taylor’s life and bid their farewell.

Santa Cruz Joycelyn Taylor

Joycelyn Taylor

Fr Benedict Hilaire, the officiating priest, used the service to lament the nation’s almost daily traffic situation, saying the number of vehicles on Trinidad and Tobago’s roadways was becoming out of control.

Santa Cruz Joycelyn Taylor2

The Accident….

Taylor was killed around 2.30 p.m. on Tuesday while she was driving her Nissan AD Wagon south along Saddle Road, San Juan.

As the car passed a small three-tonne truck, a number of steel rods that had earlier been secured in the tray of the truck fell off, and onto the car’s hood. They then pierced the car’s windshield, killing Taylor instantly.

Media personnel were prevented from entering the church grounds by police on duty, who had been asked by Taylor’s relatives to not allow reporters and photographers inside.

The police explained they could not legally stop the media, but said Taylor’s five sons were unable to cope with anymore intrusion into their lives following the death of their mother.


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