Labour Movement claims last year’s State of Emergency targeted Trade Unions…

The labour fraternity believes the government should tell the nation what was the clear threat to national security that required a state of emergency to be declared.

Members of the joint trade union movement carried out a silent protest in front of the Port of Spain Hall of Justice from nine this morning.

They claimed the S.O.E. which was called one year ago today crippled citizen’s constitutional rights preventing freedom of expression and movement.

Oilfield Workers Trade Union President General, Ancil Roget, in an interview with reporters said the S.O.E. was aimed at preventing unions from mobilizing and holding public meetings, and shutting down the country over the contentious five percent wage cap used during negotiations.

Mr. Roget said crime continues to be the number one concern in the country and the S.O.E. failed a major dent in this regard.

Meantime, President of the Banking Insurance and General Workers Union, Vincent Cabrera, says there is no easy way of forgetting the SOE and its effects on the country…

Mr. Cabrera said the removal of National Security Minister, John Sandy, from office is further evidence of the failure of the SOE…