Let’s stop crime…The head of the NPTA says familiy life has collapsed


President of the National Parent Teachers Association, Zena Ramatali

Spirituality and Crime is the topic with which Power 102.1 FM kicked off its Let’s Stop Crime, Talk Show Marathon this morning.

Dealing with the issue from a religious standpoint, the Power Breakfast Show was joined by Roman Catholic Archbishop Joseph Harris and Seventh Day Adventist Pastors, Clive Dottin.

On the topic of capital punishment and the death penalty, both religious leaders stood firm by their position that the church is not in agreement with such practices.

Archbishop Harris went further to say that the death penalty also infringes on human rights, also making mention of the position of all Roman Catholic Popes who have shown evolution, where capital punishment is seen as an offence against the inviolability of life and the dignity of the human person, which contradicts God’s plan for man and society, and his justice.

Pastor Dottin, in his response, share his concerns over the running of this country’s judicial system.

Both agreed that in other to deter persons from committing crimes more focus must be placed on increasing that detection rate.

Meanwhile, the President of the National Parent Teachers Association says the reason for rising crime in this country is the breakdown in family life.

Speaking during Power 102.1 FM’s “Let’s Stop Crime” initiative today, she said research done shows that parental neglect and peer pressure contribute tremendously to criminality.

She said this is where focus needs to be placed if things are to improve.

Mrs. Ramatali said everyone mus come together to fix the problem.

President of the National Parent Teachers Association, Zena Ramatali.