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Marabella restaurants closed by Public Health Department…

NAVI1Three restaurants in the Marabella area have been closed by the Public Health department of the San Fernando City Corporation, as part of an ongoing exercise.

The restaurants are Wans’ Chinese located in Vistabella, Hap Hing Chinese and Chao Chao Chinese Restaurant in Marabella.NAVI2

The action was taken in the presence of San Fernando Mayor Dr. Navi Muradali who accompanied the public health inspectors and city police yesterday.

Muradali also visited seven other restaurants in the Vistabella and Marabella area. The include Golden Palace Restaurant, Royal Castle, Mona’s Roti Shop and Rajkumar’s Roti Shop.

Poor kitchen conditions, expired food badges, dead cockroaches, smoking of cigarettes in the food preparation area, faulty layout and improper storage of food were among the violations.

In a statement, Dr. Muradali noted he warned restaurant owners that the Public Health department would spare no effort in keeping the restaurants closed for as long as it took to correct the violations.



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    i will like the public health department to check out the pie van located on San Fernando warf, i am a health and safety officer and i observed that these people are very nasty and the way there van is built u cant see inside but i had the opportunity to see inside and it is disgusting they have the flour they cook prepared in a pigtail bucket with fly’s all over the flour the floor of the van is very dirty with grease and i also noticed that the persons that prepare and serve the food dose not have on or use gloves and this has been going on for a while the man that collects the money also makes tea and coffee who also those not use gloves and this is totally unhygienic and unhealthy for the public i think they should be closed down before some one gets sick i also saw where the live and prepare the main things for cooking like the meat and fish and it is very disgusting and nasty please look into this matter and deal with it asap. please i will like to remain unknown please. thank you .