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Minister of National Security Reveals Crime Hot Spots

Minister of National Security Reveals Crime Hot Spots

Areas under 9pm to 5 am curfew


Designated Hot Spots that will see curfew from 9pm to 5am

The City of Port of Spain –

  • St. James East
  • St. James West
  • Woodbrook
  • Northern Port of Spain
  • Belmont East
  • Belmont North & West
  • Southern Port of Spain
  • East Dry River
  • St. Ann’s River South
  • St. Ann’s River Central
  • St. Ann’s River North
  • Belmont South

The City of San Fernando –

  • Cocoyea/Tarouba
  • Les Efforts East/Cipero
  • Les Efforts West/La Romain
  • Marabella East
  • Marabella South/Vistabella
  • Marabella West
  • Mon Repos/Navet
  • Pleasantville
  • Spring Vale/Paradise

The Borough of Arima –

  • Calvary
  • Arima North East
  • Arima West
  • Arima Central
  • Malabar
  • Tumpuna
  • O’Meara

The Borough of Chaguanas –

  • Charlieville
  • Edinburgh/Longdonville
  • Enterprise North
  • Enterprise South
  • Cunupia
  • Montrose
  • Felicity/Endevour
  • Munroe Road/Caroni Savannah

The San Juan/Laventille Regional Corporation –

  • Maracus Bay/Santa Cruz/La Fillette
  • Febeau/Bourg Mulatresse
  • Morvant/Upper Malick
  • San Juan West/Caledonia
  • St. Ann’s/Cascade/Mon Repos West
  • St. Barb’s Chinapoo
  • Beetham/Picton
  • Success/Trou Macaque
  • Aranguez/Warner Village
  • Barataria
  • Petit Bourg/Champ Fleurs/Mt. Lambert
  • San Juan East

The Diego Martin Regional Corporation –

  • Chaguaramas/Glencoe
  • Goodwood/La Puerta
  • Covinge/Richplain
  • Diamond Vale
  • Morne Coco/Alyce Glen
  • Petit Valley/Cocorite
  • St. Lucien/cameron Hill
  • Belle Vue/Bossiere #1
  • Moka/Bossiere #2


  • comment-avatar
    Joy 7 years

    I think the whole country should be under the Curfew…What is to stop the criminals from venturing into other areas where the curfew is not in effect…Knowing that the Police will be concentrated in the ‘hot spots’ the criminals will ‘hot-up’ unmanned areas.

    • comment-avatar
      phillipse 7 years

      I Agree(100%) the whole Country should be Locked down. from (pm- Even now Criminals leave where they live & go elsewhere to commit Crimes.

  • comment-avatar
    Oba Biddeau 7 years

    1.Murders taking place in broad daylight clearly shows criminals has no respect for authority. 2.what happens when the State of Emergency is lifted?

  • comment-avatar
    Big Dogg 7 years

    couva was mentioned but now it not

  • comment-avatar
    Nicole 7 years

    what about people who work in those areas? Would they be issued passes? Were they consulted as to how this would affect them? What about persons who have to travel through those areas to get to their homes outside of those areas? Transport would be given passes? Seems a little short sighted.

  • comment-avatar

    1. Where is Commissioner Gibbs?

  • comment-avatar

    Where is Commissioner Gibbs? Is he on vacation or has he been fired?

  • comment-avatar
    Mother Dearest 7 years

    What a waste of time completely toothless endeavor.
    So what ?
    You manage to have everyone indoors, may be the only opportunity but persons may not be in their own homes if there is to be a search.
    It can only last for 15 days in less taken to Parliament.
    Kamala thinks running the country is like bringing up children….You have been a bad little boy go to your ROOM…Ha Ha Mother My ????

  • comment-avatar
    Davy de Verteuil 7 years

    What I see is a Hindu Right arrived in our land 113 Yrs ago firing and marginalizing Afro Tinis who arrived and slaved in this land 570 years. The Crime rate is as a result of Zero leadership in the African community and thus the rise in more brazen crimes. Curfew instead of jobs. One Honcho Niger JW buys out the same criminal to change now He&his company lock them down. Way to go Trinis!

  • comment-avatar

    the prime minister talking about the economy at a drop,i want to ask her if she feel having the country under state of emergency is something that she should do now?

  • comment-avatar

    Most times the criminals are a step ahead and their weapons are more modern than those of the State.The State needs to modernise their weapons , take definite decisions, and the weed out the weeds protective services.

  • comment-avatar

    I agree with Nicole

  • comment-avatar

    this is stupidness because la horquetta is ah hot spot in arima and alot of other places…..

  • comment-avatar
    Adanna 7 years

    I think the entire country should be on curfew (9pm-5am) and i also think they should have army men and policemen on the streets all over the country 24/7,if they have to work a 6hrs shift system then so be it. I honestly feels this is the only solution towards CRIME

  • comment-avatar
    Angela 7 years

    Some things are good just for a while.This Curfew is taking place is more like spinning top in mud Ms. Persad, by the time the crime problems are solved the bandits will already find another way to kill, steal,& destroy hard working ppl & their property.What my Prime Minister should be doing is making profitable investment in her Country. 1)Modernizing the technology force for law enforcement & crime fighting officers( this can create more jobs). 2) Start getting rid of the criminals & the informant( the officers who let the criminals know where to go an commit their crimes) in the police force. 3)Remember, Ms. persad that we’re in the 21 First-century and crime is not fought with officers just walking the beat any more; officers of this country need to take a refreshing course in knowing how to deal with people of different social & cultural background, so when they’re entering these communities they will be able to receive information that is effective & in turn they will be able to give effective help to the ppl for the communities.

  • comment-avatar
    Lumz 7 years

    Between adanna and Agela they are perfectly correct. In Canada we see a cop every 2 minutes. These cops have 45 minutes to wonder about niebourhoods which. Is part of there daily schedules. All this was put into place after 2006 when there were to many murders that year. I would say it has worked for us since then.