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New PSC Chairman says Leadership Style No None Sense One

New PSC Chairman Prof Ramesh Deosaran

The new chairman of the Police Service Commission maintains his leadership style will be a no-none sense one.

Professor Ramesh Deosaran received his instrument of appointment from President Richards during a simple ceremony.

The criminologist was sworn in this afternoon at Knowsley Building in Port of Spain this afternoon.

Professor Deosaran replaces Nizam Mohammed whose  appointment as chairman was revoked 2 weeks ago by President Richards.

The move came amid controversy surrounding Mr. Mohammed’s statements on an ethnic imbalance in leadership positions of the  police service.

Mr. Deosaran warned there will be no casual approach to how the PSC conducts its affairs.


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    JunaidAlJameel 7 years

    Mr. Nizam Mohammed has a perception that there are not enough Orientals in the police service.
    Works Minister Jack Warner has a perception that the People’s Partnership has achieved better ethnic balance in the appointments of boards.

    My own perception is that:

    They are both wrong Mr. Nizam Mohammed feigns ignorance of the fact that NonOrientals chose to enter into the Police Service in large numbers, and Orientals chose to enter into business in large numbers! There was blatant mischief in Mr. Nizam voicing an opinion about that the police service issue, while at the same time turning a blind eye to ethnic imbalances in other Government of Trinidad and Tobago, (GOTT) services such as the Medical sector, which has a marked deficiency of NonOriental Doctors.

    (Around Apr 6, 2011, Health Minister Therese Baptiste-Cornelis, said at a post-Cabinet press conference that as at December 2010, there was a shortage of 275 medical staff, 2,517 nurses and 161 pharmacists, making a total shortage of 2,953 personnel in the health sector. She said this Government had brought down these figures “but not enough”. Baptiste-Cornelis said in an effort to address this acute deficit of workers in the health sector, Cabinet in November 2010 had agreed to the hiring of additional personnel).

    This is lip service. The Minister of Health, and The Council of the Medical Board (MBTT), and Medical Professionals Association of Trinidad and Tobago (MPATT), which are both comprised of essentially the same persons, and who are almost all Orientals, has made no real effort to address this acute deficit of workers, NonOrientals, et al. Both the Minister and MBTT/MPATT are in fact working together to maintain the deficit, by continuing a program of harsh and oppressive measures against NonOrientals to keep them out of the Medical Profession. The program starts by denying admissions of NonOrientals into the UWI Faculty of Medical Sciences, although the NonOrientals meet the academic requirements; and the program continues by denying admission of NonOriental doctors into jobs after they qualify at universities outside of Trinidad and Tobago, including Cuban Universities. The Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT) accredited the Cuban Universities before accrediting UWI.

    These anti-NonOriental sentiments were clearly expressed last year when the Minister chose to propagate a rumour, a nebulous MBTT/MPATT concoction that Cubans don’t speak English, by presenting it as her argument for ending the Service of the Cuban Medical Brigade to Trinbagonians, (All of the Cubans are NonOrientals), while she turned a deaf ear to the facts that the official language of Doctors educated in India, is Hindi; in Pakistan, it is Urdu; in Philippines, it is Tagalog. It was in this April, when the Minister realised that only Cuba had a surplus of Doctors, that she extended their services.

    MBTT/MPATT has been resisting the entry of the Cuban Medical Brigades into Trinidad and Tobago from the start. So much so that The Medical Board Act 35 of 1960, had to be amended by Act No. 7 of 2009, for The People of Trinidad and Tobago to receive much required health care from the Cubans. The amendment exempted the Cubans from having to write additional exams before they could practice medicine here.

    MBTT/MPATT now extends the exemptions (from writing exams), to Oriental Doctors (Indians, Pakistanis, and Filipinos), but not to Nigerian Doctors, and not to Trinbagonian Doctors (mainly NonOrientals) who studied the same Medical Sciences at the same Cuban Universities, as the Cuban doctors here. As a result of the above, while Health Minister Therese Baptiste-Cornelis, is professing to address the acute deficit of 275 doctors in the health sector, these Trinbagonian Doctors (mainly NonOrientals) by not being granted equal opportunity, have been kept out of the work-force, in violation of their Constitutional Rights, and the Equal Opportunity Act 69 of 2000.

    My own further perception is in agreement with views expressed by yesterday’s panel, that the root cause of these discriminations, and other NonOriental–Oriental imbalances in GOTT services lies in bad governance.

    *As President Obama learned from last year’s Deepwater Horizon Disaster: Technical problems and resulting accidents do not just happen. They are caused by people, organizations and systems of organizations interacting. The Minerals Management Service (MMS), A government agency (like MBTT) which had the responsibility of regulating an industry, could not at the same time (like MPATT, the alter ego of MBTT) have the responsibility of collecting billions of dollars from the same industry. This mingling of distinct statutory responsibilities—each of which required different skill sets and fostered different institutional cultures—like the mixing of oil and water, led to internal tensions and a confusion of goals that weakened the agency’s effectiveness. Bad governance in USA, not BP, resulted in the Deepwater disaster. Bad governance in T&T, not the Jamatt Al Muslimeen, resulted in the 1990 Insurrection.

    It is disappointing to know that while most of us “have passed that stage”, there are some ethnocentrics who have not, and what is worse is that they hold political power. Unless the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, (GOTT) ceases and desists from these practices of bad governance, and replaces vested interest bodies, like MBTT/MPATT, with independent bodies like the ACTT, inevitably, we will all find ourselves in DEEPWATER.

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    Davis Michael Emille 7 years

    It is easy to ignore the media especially when it prints TRUTH that points to you.I propose that the relevant authorities and all persons of concern be addressed with this article directly or in person. In the US we say send it by certified mail. The time is NOW when we establish enteties that are authenticated as an independant body that is the voice of the people.This entity will then assume the role of the voice of accountability between the leaders and the led.