Trinidad and Tobago’s Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley today spoke with veteran journalist, Tony Fraser on Power 102.1FM.

As the frequency delivered its day-long hurricane preparedness programming, Dr. Rowley was contacted to speak on the country’s readiness for such a natural disaster, should it strike.

The Prime Minister also weighed in on the utterances of some, particularly via social media, on the matter of this country now allowing Dominicans who have family or friends in T&T, to stay there for a 6 month period.



Watson Duke

PSA President, Watson Duke is accusing officials from the Arima Borough Corporation and the Ministry of Local Government of working together to enslave the employees of the Corporation.

He makes this claim amid the ongoing dispute between the Corporation and the Public Services Association.

Arima Mayor, Lisa Morris Julian has said that Mr. Duke may face possible charges after he allegedly set off a fire alarm in protest over the working conditions of the Corporation’s employees.

Mr. Duke says the PSA will take further steps if necessary to protect the health and safety of the Corporation’s employees.

Dr. James Armstrong

Urban and Regional Planner Dr. James Armstrong says Trinidad and Tobago has building guidelines to ensure that the structures are built to withstand natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes, however he says T&T is yet to have building codes.

Speaking with Tony Fraser on Power 102.1FM during the station’s “Prepared or Not”? day long hurricane preparedness feature, Dr. Armstrong said most consultant architects and engineers hired to construct buildings will use codes but T&T does not have its own set of building codes.

When asked if codes are not being used at all within the country to construct buildings, Dr. Armstrong said some sections of Caribbean Building Codes were incomplete hence the country’s delay to have them implemented.

TTUTA President, Lindsay Doodhai

TTUTA President Lyndsley Doodai is today saying that he is even more confused than the Minister of Education.

Speaking with News Power Now this morning he revealed that there was never any consultation on the date change for the SEA exams with the two major stakeholders namely TTUTA and the NPTA.

Education Minister, Anthony Garcia.

Minister of Education Anthony Garcia is today saying that he’s confused that the President of TTUTA, Lyndsley Doodai and the President of the NPTA, Zena Ramatali have heavily criticized the decision to move the date of the SEA examination.

Speaking yesterday at a media conference the Education Minister revealed that Mr. Doodai pointed to the fact that school reopened on April 24th  following the 2 week Easter break, and with the SEA exam scheduled for Thursday, both teachers and students were overworked.

Minister Garica divulged that the NPTA President Zena Ramatali also agreed with the change in date of the SEA exams, but was now singing a different tune.