No suprise there

Faris Al RawiPeople’s National Movement (PNM) PRO Farris Al- Rawi has stated that he was not surprised that the Prime Minister was trying to exonerate Sport Minister Anil Roberts.

Al Rawi claimed that after nearly four weeks of consternation by the public exacerbated by the failure of Anil Roberts to confirm or deny he’s the person in the controversial video, the Prime Minister now sought to vindicate Mr Roberts.

He further stated that he felt that it was a very frightening position for the head of a decaying Government, to come to grips with the prospect of watching member number 20 of the PP fall.

He said it was all the more so a dreadful prospect in light of the revelations of the reputed rat infestation gripping the PP and the court of public opinion would have a decision to make when elections are held.

Al Rawi disclosed that the PNM was now awaiting the PM’s explanation between the National Security Minister’s concerns over the Life Sport programme and the Sport Minister’s denials on that.

The leadership of the Congress of the People suspended Anil Roberts last week after he failed to co-operate during a meeting held to bring clarity to issue of the video.