Opposition Leader instructs PNM held corporations to “Head to court” if Central Government interferes…

Opposition Leader,Dr. Keith Rowley.

Opposition Leader,Dr. Keith Rowley.

Opposition Leader, Dr. Keith Rowley, has given instructions to People’s National Movement, (PNM), held corporations to “Head to court”, in response to statements made by Housing Minister, Dr. Roodal Moonilal, that the central Government would seek to meet the needs of the people represented by PNM corporations, through the various State agencies, because the PNM would provide poor representation.

Dr. Rowley was speaking at a public meeting in Mt Hope on Saturday night in support of the candidacy of Terrence Deyalsingh, the PNM’s choice for the St Joseph by-election.

He told the elected candidates that they had to hold public office up to a higher than normal standard, and return to a level of conduct in local government, the party, its supporters and the country, can be proud of.

Dr. Rowley also took issue with Pastor Winston Cuffie, whom he said had left the pulpit and entered the political arena to chastise the PNM for pretending it won the local government elections.

The PNM leader said if Pastor Cuffie wanted to come into the political arena, he will go to the pulpit and make him account for Government’s money.


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