Leader of the PNM, Dr.Keith Rowley

There has been some dissent from various quarters after statement made by Opposition leader Dr. Keith Rowley.

The PNM Leader has come under fire for statements he made at a Political Meeting in Brazil Village on Tuesday.

The Ethics Committee has labelled the Opposition leader’s comments as ‘racist’ and ‘sexually charged’.

As a signatory of the Code of Ethics document, the Opposition Leader could face possible sanctions for his statements.



The Opposition Leader also commented on fired Chaguaramas Development Authority Board Member, Jaishima Leladharsingh.

Mr. Leladharsingh made racial remarks on his facebook account several times during exchanges with a person by the name of Anthony S Mcleod.

Jaishima Leladharsingh later apologized for his racial statements.

Dr. Rowley described his statements as offensive to the citizens of Trinidad and Toabgo.



One Response to Opposition Leader may be under fire by the Ethics Committee for his statements made in Brazil town meeting

  1. Davis Daniel says:

    Rowley keep making an Ass of himself on a daily basis. As long as Trinidad has a black cult tribal movement which is the P.N.M. headed by Rowley hiding under the P.N.M. as a political movement, Trinidad would see an increase in CRIME GANGS MURDERS AND DRUGS.ROWLEY IS A DUMB IDIOT AND NOT FIT TO LEAD ANY THING


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