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Panday tells PP government come clean

Former Prime Minister, Basdeo Panday, is today telling the People’s Partnership government to be honest and stop making contradictory statements…

In an interview this morning, Mr. Panday said public confidence was the government’s greatest weakness.

On the Limited State of Emergency, Mr. Panday said does not see this plan working…

He believes this move by the government indicates its inability to handle crime in the country.


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    Lance 7 years

    Okay. So the temporary crime measures of the curfew of August 2011 are in place. Crime is seemingly under control. However, how long will this curfew be imposed? 2 weeks, a month, six weeks even. It begs the question. What happens after the curfew has been lifted?

    Will criminal activity again soar to current levels and beyond? More than likely it will!
    A short term show of force will NOT produce long term positive results on this issue of crime. We must start seriously exploring permanent solutions to the problem.

    Importing foreign experts to help in resolving local crime related issues,
    generates little measurable results for the country.

    We need a solution that would remove the fear imposed on law abiding citizens that was created by unmanageable crime. A solution that would not have us all rushing to the safety of our homes before dusk.

    There are alternatives. The question is, does anyone care to listen to the people of the country? Create a forum by which people can announce their ideas on resolving the crime problem in Trinidad & Tobago. Then listen. Listen.