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Pirate Attacks are real concern for Fishing Group

Pirate Attacks are real concern for Fishing Group

Claxton Bay Fishing Association President Kishore BoodramOne fishing group is voicing concern with what has been describes as an upsurge in incidents pirate attacks.

Claxton Bay Fishing Association President, Kishore Boodram, explains that the situation as created a level of uneasiness among some involved in the industry.

In a News Power Now interview this afternoon, Mr Boodram said the association  continues to urge fisher folk to exercise caution and vigilance as they carry out their trade.



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    Hans-Elmar 3 years

    Ever since Buccaneers and Pirates belong to the caribbean. The pirates came before the East Indians, but the government failed to announce pirates arrival day. Now East Indian fishermen have to share their wealth with the pirates of our days. These people are not the biggest evil of the nation.