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PNM Denies Announcement of Establishment of Smelter Plant in La Brea Community

The People’s National Movement is denying that it announced, in a public meeting that it would be establishing a Smelter Plant in the La Brea community.

In a statement, PNM General Secretary, Ashton Ford said the misinformation is being spread by head of the Fishermen and Friends of the Sea, Gary Aboud. Ford highlighted that the PNM has promised to establish a plywood industry in a bid to further uplift the La Brea area and increase jobs for residents.

 PNM General Secretary, Ashton Ford

PNM General Secretary, Ashton Ford

Ford notes that Dr. Rowley in an address to the people of La Brea recently, said the United States, a trade partner to Trinidad and Tobago, uses tonnes of plywood annually and in a bid to capitalize on this supply need by US, he intends to use Trinidad and Tobago’s electricity and carbon resources, coupled with the relationship with our CARICOM neighbours, for the supply of wood, to ensure that Trinidad and Tobago makes inroads into the plywood market.

Additionally, Ford explained that Dr. Rowley noted that the area had one of the best ports in the country which will be used for importing the material which will be manufactured for export. He said such an industry will give rise to other industries and increase jobs in La Brea, an area well known for intractably high unemployment.