Police confirm body found in the Gulf of Paria is WPC Nyasha Joseph

Police confirm body found in the Gulf of Paria is WPC Nyasha Joseph

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WPC Nyasha Joseph

Police have confirmed that missing WPC, Nyasha Joseph was found. Body was fished out of the Caroni River Delta this afternoon,

Yesterday marked the fifth consecutive day of searches for the woman by police authorities who returned to the Sea Lots area to continue looking for her.

While police did not locate Joseph they again came across quantities of illicit drugs as was the case on Monday, when officers who were searching a mangrove in the Sea Lots area, came across 21 packets of compressed marijuana.

According to police reports yesterday at 2 o’clock officers in Sea Lots arrested four men and seized a kilo of compressed marijuana.

They are expected to appear before a Port-of-Spain Magistrate today.

Meanwhile a report in the Guardian Newspaper today quote residents in the area as saying that if the 39-year-old man held by police in connection with the sudden disappearance of constable Nyasha Joseph is released by police, he will not be welcomed back in the community.

The residents complained that the man has caused a stigma to be placed on the area.

News Power Now spoke with Inspector Michael Seales of the President of the TTPS Social and Welfare Association who confirmed the find.



Officers attached to the Homicide Division have also confirmed that the body is that of the missing WPC.

The body was found near the mouth of the Caroni River around 12.15 pm.

Reports indicate that the body was found tangled in a fisherman’s net and that it bricks were attached to ensure that it sank to the bottom of the water.

Police have one man in custody in connection with the missing officer.