President of TTUTA reveals that violence among students is “Nothing New”.

President of TTUTA reveals that violence among students is “Nothing New”.

NEWS GRAPHIC 15A video that has been making the rounds on social media shows the increasing problem of violence with students in Trinidad and Tobago.

The video shows a fight between two girls from different schools, in the streets.

A security guard and another woman could be seen attempting to part the fight however the girls seem intent on continuing the battle.

President of the Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Association Devanan Sinanan revealed that such situations are nothing new.

He said that it is the responsibility of the Police to deal with incidents such as those.


He said that violence in schools is a societal problem.



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    Hans-Elmar 3 years

    The TTUTA president is very right. Young people have the right to fight. This is tradition ever since Mr. Garcia was TTUTA president. However, now emancipation comes in. T&T was not only having a female prime minister who could drink like a man, now there are girls who fight like the boys.This is emancipation pure. This progress cannot be stopped.Unfortunately the police has to be called in now and again.Hopefully the police is getting severety allowance for their difficult work.

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