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Ramesh Maharaj on Privy Council Ruling against CLICO Policyholders

Ramesh Maharaj on Privy Council Ruling against CLICO Policyholders

clicologoFormer Attorney General Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj, speaking at a media conference held Tuesday, one day after losing a case in the Privy Council filed on behalf of the United Policyholders Group, said CLICO was being used as a cash cow by government.

The judgement, which was handed down by law lords yesterday, dismissed the appeal filed by Maharaj and upheld the ruling of the Court of Appeal that government had no money to pay 1,500 policyholders who are owed in excess of $1 billion.

Mr. Maharaj said the judgement was a heartbreaking one.

He highlighted the fact that many of the policyholders were pensioners, retirees and widows who invested their savings on policies of insurance, hoping to have money to live over their remaining years.




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    Jerry Hussain 2 years

    God works in strange ways as the legal man who swore to act on the behalf of all our human rights will know before God to whom much is given much will be expected …..he will also remember defending his family lawyer company in south against my pension claims with Yara ( a white racist group operating in T&T) and my plant accident with no NIS given to me (they bribe everyone with North sea income) and $1.3 million in my severance all never paid to me from YARA Trinidad from 28.5 years service from 1977 to 2006 period as he defended the now Judge and took over $500,000 from me in legal bills WITH NO SUCCESS BUT LOST MATTERS WHERE I HAD TO PAY THE COURTS HUGE SUMS and now he talks about defending the pensions of others. We are all hypocrites before the Lord. But I know the path he must now walk. The legal minds in T&T, most of them are nothing but common crooks. He is also looking to jump aboard someone else’s woos. I would like to know how much he made off of them in the end. The famous three ‘O’ in 2000 that led to 18-18 in 2002. God doh sleep. I remember in 2011 when I brought the delinquent lawyer before the Disciplinary Committee of the Law Association of T&T and low and behold yours truly came to defend him and because as a PR person in Canada I could not stay out of Canada more than 7 months he stressed the matter out beyond and I eventually had to withdraw my matter – no justice for me. But I will live to see him suffer just like his own did. We must remember that we are all equal before God who has no favorites.