PS to know her fate today

juliana Johan-boodranAction is expected to be taken today by Head of the Public Service and Permanent Secretary to the Office of the prime Minister Reynold Cooper, in the matter against Permanent Secretary of the Tourism Ministry Juliana Johan-Boodram.

Boodram left on a four day trip to Argentina without approval.

The Permanent Secretary had gone to Argentina to see a friendly football match last week Sunday between Argentina and T&T.

Cooper said on Friday he was astonished to learn of her absence in the media. .

And former head of the public service Reginald Dumas stated that Cooper had to demand answers from Johan-Boodram.

Ms. Boodram however stated on Fridaythat she “forgot” to inform Cooper about her departure and that the trip was “not a big deal” as it had not been paid for with state funds.

She said that she left under the delegated authority of her line Minister Gerald Hadeed and therefore she did not need Cabinet approval.

However in response to this, Dumas said that as a Permanent Secretary she could not leave the country without informing the Public Service Commission because arrangements had to be made for someone to act during her absence, even if it were only for two days.