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Report illegal wrecking to the Police Complaints Authority…

Report illegal wrecking to the Police Complaints Authority…

illegal wreckingThere is concern today from drivers in the Port of Spain area of illegal wrecking.

Complaints have been ongoing of wreckers illegally taking vehicles contrary to the law.

One such incident occurred earlier this morning when the vehicle of one female motorist was taken by the wrecker even though the female police officer who accompanied the wrecker was told that the woman was coming to take her vehicle.

When the motorist arrived, she went into her vehicle to move it however the officer then proceeded to get into the wrecker and tow the vehicle with the female motorist in it.

Speaking with News Power Now this morning Head of the Police Complaints Authority quoted from the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service Standing order number 44- 15 C (1) stated that the officer in such a case should have released the vehicle to the owner.

The woman was said to have been threatened with arrest if she refused to exit the vehicle. West revealed that in such a situation the motorist should report the matter to the PCA.


A fallen parking sign is tucked behind a pillar on Duke Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad. May 23rd, 2015.

A fallen parking sign is tucked behind a pillar on Duke Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad. May 23rd, 2015.

Meanwhile…Mayor of Port-of-Spain, Keron Valentine says signage in and around the Capital City has to be updated and visible in full view of citizens.

Speaking with News Power Now Mayor Valentine said he has tried over and over to the get Traffic Management Department to fix signage in Port-of-Spain.

This he says will put an end to illegal wrecking and parking.

trafficwardenondutyMayor Valentine also added that all wreckers are fitted with cameras on their vehicles in the event of an incident.

Mayor of Port-of-Spain, Keron Valentine also said that citizens who wish to file a formal complaint about being illegally wrecked can do so


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    Car Wracked

    Today I had Visited Guyana Embassy to Apply for Guyana Visa for my Next week Guyana Trip,

    I went around at Alexander street , Woodbrook for 3 times but their was no Parking (No Paid Parking also available in next 1 Km distance)

    I Parked opposite to Guyana Embassy and Shown my Concern to security Person from Embassy. Their is No parking Zone mention Opposite to Embassy.

    I mention my Purpose of visits to security person and asked assistance for parking as Their was no parking available at all. It took almost 3 attempt and finally I parked IPCA Car Toyota Yarris PDK 4662 opposite Guyana embassy with the assistance of security guard. Also I had asked one taxi person to look for my car who was parked next to me.

    Wracking people appeared on no time and wrack my car. Same Taxi person came to me inside embassy and mention that he tried to stop the wracking officer but they were aggressive and Wrack the car without even informing Security person from Guyana embassy which was completely wrong.

    Guyana Embassy person realized the incidence and when they spoke with security they realize that wracking is not correct. They apologized me for what has happen. I went to Movie town wracking place and paid 500 TTD. They mention that police office who wrack the car had informed Embassy security guard that they are wracking car. This statement is completely false by Police.

    In past My Car was Wracked twice but I was at Fault. Last time I went to Pharmacy and in front of me they wracked my car. But I was completely at fault.

    But this time
    *Their was no parking either paid or Free available at Alexander street, Woodbrook
    *I took assistance from Security person from Guyana Embassy and then left my car parked opposite to embassy.
    *Any Wracking person has to inform security Guard of Embassy people. Without Informing them, they just can’t wrack any vehicle

    I feel this was a real bad Incidence as I was not at fault.

    Jaimin Parikh

    M: +1(868)2790966

    Trinidad & Tobago