Richard Ryans wants to ensure that estate officers are assigned to T&T ferries.

President of the Authority Estate Police Assoc. Branch Board, Richard Ryans is calling on authorities to ensure that estate officers are assigned to vessels sailing to and from Trinidad & Tobago.

Speaking with News Power Now this morning, Ryans said there was a decision made by the Port Authority management to discontinue using officers on both the T&T Express and the T&T Spirit.
This Ryans said has caused a level lawlessness on the vessels with individuals smoking while on board.


When asked if the Port Authority management were doing cost cutting, Ryans said there was no major word on why there was not a full complement of estate police officers on board.
Ryans however said that the captain of the T&T Spirit demanded that he receive officers before they set sail.



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    The mighty Trinifeak 2 years

    The time of slavery is over and the estate police do not supervice slaves on the estate anymore. However, on the ferries between T&T security is needed. Surveillance cameras should be installed and security officers should be on duty.

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