Rival gangs face off in Central Trinidad

NEWS GRAPHIC 15Shootings and violence have increasingly being reported in the media especially in the Central District. A gang war between Muslims and Rastas have  attributed to the increase in violence in the area.

Senior Superintendent for Central Division Inspector Johnny Abraham acknowledged the war between the gangs who he said have been fighting for drug turf.

 Speaking on the Power Breakfast Show on power 102.1fm Inspector Abraham lamented the fact that even though people are adversely being affected by the violence they seem contented to keep pertinent information that could help law enforcement to themselves.


Inspector Abraham also revealed that people were guilty of hiding illegal activity which contributed to the crime situation. He also spoke about the unfair comments levelled against officers who were only doing their jobs.


He also commented on shootings that took place in the Central area involving a police officer and a national footballer.

On Tuesday evening, Corporal Anthony Burns was attacked by unknown gunmen shortly after he returned to his La Monte Street, Londenville home.
And about 20 minutes after police arrived on the scene to carry out investigations national footballer Akeila Mollan of the same street was also shot at on entering her driveway in her silver Primera motor vehicle.


Senior Superintendent for Central Division Inspector Johnny Abraham





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    jackie figaro 3 years

    There are to many illegal undocumented immigrants in Trinidad.and many are criminals.each citizen are responsible.to work with the immigration officers.and stop and check for ID will assist a lot.we are number one in the Caribbean as a result to criminals activities,

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