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San Fernando Casino robbed.

San Fernando Casino robbed.

robberyShortly after 2 PM yesterday, 3 men armed with guns entered Zalina’s Casino on Mon Chagrin Street, San Fernando.

According to Sherwin Sterling the security guard, the men who were allegedly wearing shirts bearing the Housing Development Corporation Logo, then entered the manager’s office.

There, they emptied a safe containing $50,000 in cash, before escaping.

PC Khan is investigating the matter.


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    The mighty Trinifeak 2 years

    A casino with a security guard was robbed. Was the security guard partner of the robbers? How much was paid to the security guard to support the robbers?. A PC is investigating his crime. A PC is a low rank officer who will be bribed by these criminals easily. Obviously the T&T police force considers these crimes as unimportant therefore low rank officers get a chance to be killed or getting their fair share.